House Cleaning Barnsbury N7

Barnsbury is located in the north part of London. Its name comes from the Barnes family who used to occupy an area from which today’s Barnsbury occupies a really small part. After 1820 the area starts to develop and many buildings appear- before 1820 due to legal and political obstacles the building on the area was forbidden.

In no time it became home to many newly arrived inhabitants and as it turned out the area was not meant to host such a large population. Many of its previous occupants were forced to move into the suburbs, many houses were split and divided by two different families, some of them were even turned into factories.

Old houses were destroyed and thanks to Barnsbury Housing Association, who started building new homes, the area became appealing to many families who found Barnsbury for the treasure it is.

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    “I work a lot and have no time to maintain my apartment in a pristine condition. Imagine my surprise when my mother called unexpectedly to announce she was visiting the next day. Thank God your cleaners agreed to lend me a hand on such short notice. They did a fabulous job, even my mother was impressed. Now, that is something! – Laura”

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