House Cleaning Friern Barnet N11

Friern Barnet is located seven miles north of London and it is a rather famous parish. The area hosts busy intersections such as Colney Hatch Lane and north off toCharing Cross. Most of the area is full of houses and semi-detached homes with Victorian and Edwardian style- they are mostly beautiful and lately being subdivided, as flats and bedsits.

You can also see modern housing with a good example- Princess Park Manor, which before it was redeveloped was bearing the name of Colney Hatch Lunatic Asylum- once a Victorian institution. Friern Barnet has it Friary Park and other spacious green spaces full of beautiful gardens and old trees.

Friern Barnet has a history of being rural up until the 19th century, but the rail road station and the asylum made the area of the outer suburbs of London. Another boost for the development happened during 1900s when electric trams were introduced.

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    Our cleaning is being conducted with the use of natural cleaners- such as essential oils, vinegar, baking soda, lemons and other cleaners with no chemical substances in them whatsoever. They have been mixed together to create powerful dirt dissolvers that destroy the small dirt particles from within and cause absolutely no harm to the exterior. You can rest assured that everything we clean is 100 percent free of chemicals overlay- your children and pets can roam freely around the house.

    Our price rates include a customized cleaning plan, any moving of the furniture for cleaning purposes will be free of charge and you can also receive an estimate simply by giving us a phone call and purchasing our house cleaning services.