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Highbury is an area in North London and it’s a part of the London Borough if Islington. Where does its name come from? The famous large manor of Tolentone and the fact that it was replaced by a new one in 1271, is the answer to the question.

In order to be easily differentiated from the Tolentone manor and because it was built on a hill, the new manor was named Highbury, which also became the name of the entire region.

In 2001 a census was made and according to it, HIghbury has a population of almost 22 000. The people can be separated in 3 groups – white, which are 75%, black – 11% and Asian – 6%.

There are a lot of residences in the area and the statistics says that the owner-occupied residences are about 40%, which makes Highbury a multi-ethnic part-gentrified. Many of the residences there are an ownership of famous people such as actors, musicians, journalists and etc.

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