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Islington is one of my favourite English districts. Despite having a population of over 200,000 people, Islington is the third smallest district of England. You can learn everything about the district at Islington Museum. The museum houses a permanent exhibition presenting the history of the area and it often houses talks, walks and children’s events.

Learning the history of a London district has never been more fun! Islington is also home to another great museum – the London Canal Museum. There, you can familiarize with the history and culture behind London’s waterworks.

Angel Comedy in Islington undoubtedly is my favourite place in the whole area. It’s motto “Always free, always funny” is more than enough to make people visit it. And anyone who visits it will have the time of their life. Islington is dotted with high-class restaurants and budget-friendly pubs. Visit Islington, you’ll love the vibe of the place.

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